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Cleaning windows is the cornerstone of our business, so it’s important we do it well. When we service homes and businesses, we take pride in the details, focusing not only on the exterior glass but also on the frames, tracks, sills, and screens. Because this is our standard practice, we include each of these services in the quotes we provide to clients. Our mission is to make each experience you have with Clearly Windows a positive one, so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every appointment.

Invested in

We know a job well done speaks for itself. That’s why we invest in tools that provide the best clean every time. Our XERO water-fed pole system uses a boar bristle brush for scrubbing windows and frames, then rinses glass clean using highly filtered water for a spot-free finish. With the ability to reach heights up to 30 feet, this all-in-one system allows us to serve our clients in a safer, faster, and more effective way than traditional methods of window cleaning.

Built on Trust

When it comes to our services and pricing, we value open communication above all else. Our team is available to meet with potential clients in-person, usually within the same week, to understand your individual needs and provide the most accurate quote for a clean. Because our business is rooted in the trust we build with our clients, we also offer a no-contract window cleaning service for local businesses, with schedules ranging from weekly to twice annually. We bypass the paperwork because we are confident the high-caliber service you receive will translate into a lasting relationship.

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Why Choose Us

Committed to Excellence
Invested in Quality
Built on Trust
A clear line of communication regarding scheduling, pricing, and services
Friendly, knowledgeable technicians dedicated to exceeding your expectations
A full detail of all windows (glass, tracks, screens, and frames)
Convenient year-round scheduling with annual, quarterly, and monthly discounts

What to expect when working with us

At Clearly Windows, we are passionate about offering the most professional and reliable service to our clients. From the time you schedule your appointment to the date of your service and beyond, here is what you can expect from our team:

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