Post-Construction Window Cleaning

Removing the dust and debris left on windows in a newly constructed building can be a tricky process. In addition to the expected grit and grime left over from construction work, window installation companies often leave behind stickers and protective plastic wrap, which can result in hard-to-clean residue.

Using our proven post-construction cleaning process, our team begins by fully cleaning the interior tracks to eliminate any loose debris that has collected there. Then, we saturate the glass with our cleaning solution and scrape away any stickers, plastic, caulk, adhesive, or concrete. 

Once the panes have been scraped clean, we scrub and squeegee the glass inside the construction site and wipe down the frames and windowsills, ensuring a full detail has been done. We finish up outside by scrubbing and rinsing the glass, frames, tracks, and sills of all of the windows using our XERO water-fed pole system. 

Restoring glass to a shine after construction is a difficult business, so let us give those windows the deep clean they need.
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Let’s get those windows clean.

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